Shades of Blue

Out Into the Wide Blue Yonder
A first few steps

The Chalarstaukh tribe was much like any other goblin ménagerie, was bound by their unique way of life to make use of their few talents. Worm Eaters , in a direct translation of what constitues goblin language, they had an incessant need to corral and maintain the large, carnivorous worms that lived in the caverns they called home. Their skins ranged from deep browns and greens to sickly yellow, for the most part. The tribe, itself, had little more in the way of variety except for one item of interest; Koserx. Idiot would be the most appropriate transliteration of his first name, and the entire tribe considered him thus. He had a bizarre strain of genetics running through him, causing his skin to have a grey and blue tone instead of the normal. Where he came from and what, exactly, made him this way was a mystery that was lost on the Chalarstaukh, as they had little care to explore its reasons and origins. He was the tribe idiot because he was, simply, different, and was caste into a social status reserved for him, only. He was the foul-finder; Haofan.

If one were to simply describe Koserx’s life in the Chalarstaukh tribe as abused, he would mostly likely shake his head and feign his interest for the rest of the conversation. He endured beatings, mockery, and being generally ostracized on a daily basis.

Koserx started his mornings like any other; he woke up and made way to the dung pits. The dung pits were much as one would expect, a large series of cavernous tunnels that the Chalarstaukh used to tuck away their waste. Koserx’s “duty” was to scrub the bugs off the walls free of the bugs that the dung attracted, keeping them out of the beds and hair of the rest of the tribe, while maintaining a loose sense of cleanliness for that particularly important tribal area of the caves.


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